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Andrew Abide, DMD | Lynsey Phillips, DMD | Ellen-Brister Lee Mitchell, DMD

Previously Dental Health Center, our clinic is operating under a new name that better reflects the many services that our dentists perform. We will continue to  offer the Delta with the same care that we have for 30 years. We appreciate the support our patients have shown and we look forward to continuing our same level of professionalism and compassion that we always have.

We have an expansive list of services, beyond general dentistry. We welcome endodontic specialists in our office each Thursday so that our patients and the community can conveniently receive the services that they need. Dr. Abide performs implants and implant restoration, and our crowns are made in-office.

We welcome your family to our office! Call us today at (662) 378-8606 to schedule your new patient visit.


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